Dance Class Spokane

About Our Classes

Ballroom Classics

What most people think of when the word Ballroom is used is three dances: Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. Ballroom will usually focus on one of these dances, in particular American Social Foxtrot, American Waltz, and American Tango. All three of these dances are considered ‘progressive’ dances, meaning they move around the floor rather than staying in one general spot. Our Ballroom classes are designed to teach beginners the basics and challenge already accomplished dancers.

Latin Favorites

Latin courses focus on fun Latin Favorites such as Salsa/Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba, Merengue and possibly others such as Bolero. These classes will teach basic figures to get you going if you are new, but also delve deeply into concepts such as lead and follow using Cuban Motion for those who are more advanced or are looking for that truly authentic look and feel. Like all of our classes, beginners are welcome, but veteran dancers will also be challenged with new techniques and elements.

Swing Dances  

This class typically focuses on what is commonly known as East Coast Swing. Elements of Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jive and who knows what else may be taught as they all integrate together seamlessly. West Coast Swing may also be taught at student’s request; however, East Coast is recommended for beginners. This class is designed to teach beginners the basics and further challenge already accomplished dancers.